Sagarika Venkat - A Prodigy in the Making.

Sagarika, who shot to fame with her first solo dance performance in May 2019 was a culmination of relentless dance practise, observing her Mother her Guru since she was a baby and an inborn passion to Bharatanatyam dance. 

Sagarika is as normal as any child in her school however once she stands on stage her focus is insane and dance instincts takes over. Her first love has always been dancing and recently, she performed her debut dance recital (arangetram) in Sydney, which witnessed prominent personalities , family & friends  who graced the occasion. Her first solo debut dance performance was scintallating to watch when you have a supporting ensemble of brilliant musicians from India & Australia but most importantly choreographed by her mentor, and mother Manjula. 

One of the many highlights was the varnam for an hour performed with so much ease and perfection that the audience were stunned and enjoyed every second. A standing ovation at the end was supporting the fact that a child at 9 years of age can portray such bhavams (expressions) was a sight to behold.

Speaking to the audience, an excited Sagarika says, “My mother Manjula Viswanath my inspiration is a dance teacher, choreographer and most importantly a dance lover."  

Sagarika says “I grew up watching my mother and started learning Bharatanatyam ever since I was four years of age. Dance is amma’s passion and she lives and breathes dance. It has been 4 years since I started learning the art and I must say that it has improved my confidence and mental fitness.”

As Sagarika herself says it, “Believe and you have won half the battle” and this is where she wants to follow her mom not only spreading dance but most importantly help the helpless supporting charities using dance as a platform.

Sagarika is already one of Australia’s best and upcoming dancer in her age group in Bharatanatyam, an ancient dance style from South India known for its grace, expression, spirituality and sculpturesque poses. She has danced professionally since she was 6 years old.

Two years ago, Sagarika participated in her teacher and mother’s dance production helping raise over 20 thousand dollars.  


A regular routine for Sagarika in cold winters or hot burning summers or any long weekends is dressing in practice tights and costumes follow her mom to regular practise for 3 to 4 hours every day. A child of her age would only want to play and have fun with friends, Sagarika is an exception, all her weekends are completely dedicated to Bharatanatyam practise for many hours. As her mother Manjula always believes “Practise does not make you perfect but removes imperfections”.


Sagarika is the only child of Manjula Viswanath & Venkat Parthasarathy, it was natural that dance was in her DNA growing literally in her mother dance school Rasika Dance Academy. By 7, Sagarika was dancing with her mother matching every complicated step, feeling every rhythm in her body; she became an epitome to her mother’s passion. She has travelled all across California, South India, and Australia performing alongside her mother. 


Manjula has always believed in “Dance is our heritage passed down by our guru’s  For Sagarika as she gradually recognized how dance was boosting her confidence, self-discipline and speaking and leadership skills, she was also learning about arts and life.

Sagarika knows the value of a well-rounded education as well as anyone her age. In one sweeping breath, she said, “I’d like to continue dancing, maybe as a teacher or even as a professional, and give back to our society”. 

Sagarika a year 4 student of Matthew Pearce Public School, has learnt to balance both her Bharathanatyam and her studies very well, she says dance has taught her time management and discipline. Bharathanatyam has also developed a keen interest in dramatics and acting for Sagarika which she finds very easy to emote her expressions, and all credit goes to her dancing skills. She plans to take up acting is one of her careers in the future.The expressions I give in a Bharatanatyam routine helped me emote various bhavams. 

She will soon be touring India & Malaysia 2019 December with  performances in Kuala Lumpur, Chennai and Bangalore. 

Sagarika Bharathanatyam